AFTE Statement on New U.S.-Brazil Limited Trade Deal

AFTE Statement on New U.S.-Brazil Limited Trade Deal

WASHINGTON (October 22) — Today, Executive Director of the Alliance for Trade Enforcement Brian Pomper released the following statement on the new limited trade deal between the United States and Brazil:

“The limited trade deal includes commitments from Brazil to address a handful of barriers to business between our two countries. But it’s just a step. America’s trade negotiators must continue working to eliminate unfair trade barriers in Brazil and elsewhere. And America’s trade negotiators must make sure that Brazil honors the commitments outlined in this new pact.

“Too many of our trading partners limit export opportunities for American businesses by erecting barriers to trade, like local content requirements. Others flout international rules for critical intellectual property protections, turning a blind eye to digital piracy, the production of counterfeit medicines, and the sale of illicit goods.

“In Brazil, American businesses and workers have long faced a number of unfair trade practices, like high-tariffs, digital trade barriers, and weak intellectual property rules. These practices devalue American innovation and prevent U.S. companies from selling their goods and services abroad.

“All Americans benefit when foreign governments eliminate unfair trade barriers. The Alliance for Trade Enforcement is hopeful that the U.S. government will continue to level the playing field for American workers by opening up new markets and holding our trading partners accountable.”

About the Alliance for Trade Enforcement: The Alliance for Trade Enforcement is a coalition of trade associations and business groups that advocates for foreign governments to end unfair trade practices that harm U.S. innovative industries and supports U.S. policymakers in their efforts to hold our trading partners accountable.