AFTE Statement on USTR 2021 Special 301 Report

AFTE Statement on USTR 2021 Special 301 Report

WASHINGTON (April 30) — Today, the Office of the United States Trade Representative released its 2021 Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property Protection which highlights “the adequacy and effectiveness of trading partners’ protection of intellectual property rights.”  Alliance for Trade Enforcement Executive Director Brian Pomper issued the following statement on the just-released report:

“AFTE appreciates that this year’s Special 301 Report identifies many of the intellectual property violations and market access issues that the alliance previously raised in comments to USTR.

“These barriers and violations range from over the top patentability standards in India and copyright infringement like stream-ripping in Canada,  to non-transparent pharmaceutical reimbursement in Korea and widespread sale of counterfeit goods in Mexico.  All devalue American innovation, minimize the impact of U.S. workers, and prevent U.S. businesses from competing on a level playing field abroad.

“Intellectual property is crucial to the U.S. economy. IP-intensive industries support more than 55 million U.S. jobs and generate nearly $6 trillion in economic output annually.  Robust IP rights also facilitated the development of the Covid-19 vaccines that are putting an end to the pandemic. USTR should heed the findings of this year’s Special 301 report and ensure the WTO upholds global intellectual property protections for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

“AFTE looks forward to working with Ambassador Katherine Tai and the rest of the USTR team to address the IP violations and market access barriers identified in this year’s Special 301 report. Strengthening protections for intellectual property will rejuvenate America’s economy and fortify it for years to come.”

About the Alliance for Trade Enforcement: 
The Alliance for Trade Enforcement is a coalition of trade associations and business groups that advocates for foreign governments to end unfair trade practices that harm U.S. innovative industries and supports U.S. policymakers in their efforts to hold our trading partners accountable.