AFTE Submits Trade Enforcement Recommendations to the Biden Administration

AFTE Submits Trade Enforcement Recommendations to the Biden Administration

WASHINGTON (December 16) — Today, the Alliance for Trade Enforcement submitted recommendations to inform President-elect Biden’s trade agenda during his first 100 days in office.

“When President-elect Biden takes office, he’ll face the unique challenge of restoring our economy to its full and equitable growth potential amid multiple crises,” said Brian Pomper, Executive Director of the Alliance for Trade Enforcement. “By taking swift and decisive action to bolster trade enforcement in his first 100 days, President-elect Biden can accelerate our economic recovery and provide much-needed support for American workers and businesses.”

AFTE’s memo lays out an initial roadmap for the Biden administration to expand U.S. access to global markets and ensure our trading partners abide by their commitments.

The outlined recommendations range from developing strategies to bring Korea into full compliance with KORUS and ending Korea’s discrimination against U.S. companies to working with Canada to ensure that it adheres to IP protection obligations and continuing the current Section 301 investigation into digital services taxes.

“To rebuild our economy, President-elect Biden must eliminate the trade barriers that keep U.S. companies from competing on a level playing field abroad,” said Pomper. “AFTE looks forward to working with the incoming Biden administration to achieve this all-important goal, beginning with the recommendations outlined in our memo.”

About the Alliance for Trade Enforcement: The Alliance for Trade Enforcement is a coalition of trade associations and business groups that advocates for foreign governments to end unfair trade practices that harm U.S. innovative industries and supports U.S. policymakers in their efforts to hold our trading partners accountable.